Daughters LA is a Showcase For Today's
Women of Tomorrow.

Producing passion projects with purpose.
Our unique platforms mix culture with community, providing safe spaces for creative exchanges. 

We are a catalyst for change,
with tangible goals and high expectations
creating sustainable,
long-lasting impacts that will change the world for the better. 

We are here to advocate, elevate and educate on topics that affect people everywhere through various creative mediums.
We recognize we don't need to bring anyone down, in order to bring women up.

We are actively tending to our garden,
watering the seeds of mother earth.
Providing a wide-range of resources, workshops,
and support to uplift one another.

Since our launch last year we’ve successfully
 produced 10 events and paid over 100 artists
$10,000 that was generated solely from these functions.

Next year we'd love to quadrouple that number and
we're extremely excited to have several things in the pipleine to actually do such.

Your support has not gone unrecognized
and is very much appreciated.

Our unique independent outlet is about
empowering without emasculating.

We are creating necessary spaces for sensitive
conversations and important topics to be discussed,
Then following such with action,
all over the world and across several mediums. 

DaughtersLA was established in Los Angeles,
July, 2018 by LA based Rapper Gavlyn & Top Event Producer, Eric Spivak

This is now, Daughters Worldwide is next.  
Our aspirations include but not limited to:

The World’s First & Only
International Women’s Music Festival

Social Platform / Digital Publisher & Label Imprint

Management & Booking Agency

WECU ( Women’s Entertainment Credit Union )

Noteworthy Moments

+ Daughters LA Launch Event
with over 400 attendees

+ (2) Streaming 1 on 1 Q&A + Performances
yielding 80,000 cumulative views

+ Sponsored House Party at
Bella Thorne’s House to fundraise
for Dyslexia Awareness

+  DaughtersLA x Rose Studios: 
Holiday Blanket & Toy Drive
yielding over 300 donations for
All For Children Adoption (Alliance) 
and Project Paper Bag
attendance including but not limited to:
@victoriajustice@ariannyceleste @themadgrace @nattcity
with a total 25 Million + Social Reach

+ Daughters Mixtape announced with over 3,000 submissions received

+ DaughtersLA x Heineken x Blind Barber : AFTRWRK Series Afterparty

+ Lealani Album Release Party with OBEY, Dome Of Doom & URCONDUIT

+ BananasLA x Daughters collaboration at Melody Lounge

+ DaughtersLA x Rose Studios Pop-Up Mixer

+ Listening Party & FRIENzone Collective Launch: Annabelle Maginnis

+ Album Release Party: Adanna Duru
(American Idol / The Voice )

+ Mixtape Release featuring (20) female artists

+ Single Release & Video Premiere: Maripo$a

Q&A Vel The Wonder / Secret Session 1

+  Q&A Lealani / Secret Session 2

+ Radio Show on http://virtualpublic.net

We Look Forward To Hearing From You!